BC's Dry Fish


Products Gallery

Welcome to our Product gallery which contains some of the products.

Ribbon Fish (Vaala, Thalayan)

Sole fish (Nangu, Manganu)

Shark (Sravu)

Prawns S ( Chemmeen)

Prawns M ( Chemmeen)

Belly Fish (Mullan)

Mackerel (Ayala)

Anchovy (Nathal)

Dried Prawns (Big)

Dried Silver Belly Fish (Mullan)

Dried Mackerel (Ayala)

Dried Sting Ray Fish (Therandi)

Dried Ribbon Fish (Vala)

Dried Sole Fish (Mantha)

Dried Shark

Dried Anchovy (Nathal)

Dried Prawns (Small)

Dried Shrimps