BC's Dry Fish


BC’s Dry Fish is one of the India’s leading seafood companies and a specialist in Dried prawns (Shrimp), Mullan (Silver belly Fish), Anchovy (Nathal), Sting Ray Fish (Therandi), Ribbon Fish (Vala), Mackarel (Ayala), Sole Fish (Mantha) and Shark. Founded in 1999 by Mrs. LISY Baby & Mr. Baby NM, We have many years of experience and high quality facilities located at Calicut in state kerala, the heart of the India’s fish processing industry. We aim to bring a fresh, dynamic approach, to help our customers to make the most of fishes as one of the most delicious, healthy and readily available. The products have long shelf life by methods of preserving fish included drying, salting and smoking with more modern techniques. Fishes are rich source of polyunsaturated fatty acids & Omega 3 Fatty acids which are essential for optimal body development.